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It may only be Thursday but writing from an office chair in Canada, Monday already feels like a distant memory. To recap, the morning was spent recovering from a very late night followed by us trekking from one Brooklyn neighborhood to another collecting supplies for a day trip to Rockaway beach. We were lethargic and moving at a snails pace in the heat and sun, and before getting on the train I wasn't 100% sure we were going to go through with it. 

Upon arrival however the breeze was a relief and we lazed about while I made sand sculptures for a while before Jennifer and I made our way into the ocean. After being in there for a while, at a loss of what to do with ourselves, I peered back to our beach setup to see Chrissy frantically waving, pointing, and yelling something that didn't reach me. She'd received a call early from an unknown number and not picked up, it was beach day after all and what could be so important that it couldn't wait til tomorrow?

Well, Cupcake Wars. The Food Network's cupcake competition had left an endearingly urgent message, which encouraged Chrissy, Le Petit Cupcakery NYC, to head home and brainstorm for this hilarious submission video. Watch it, comment on you tube and make sure to tune in!

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