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At some point in the last year I foolishly threw out the idea of being a buyer. I don't know when or why this happened however I have a pretty good idea it had something to do with the deprived creativity and my own requisite to be doing something that's producing something other than direct sales.

I guess I'm just struggling a bit with my goals right now. There is so much I want to achieve in this lifetime and sometimes I get so caught up living that I forget what it is I want out of it all. It's common, I know... The search for balance.

That being said I like the idea of Buyer for a steady paycheck now (or again) because I love clothes. I love the way fashion lives. Each trend, like real life, a birth, growth, then negativity, positivity, changes, acceptance, rejection and  death and oh yes rebirth! I find immense pleasure in being witness to all these lives. Seeing, experiencing, knowing. Each one is like a new baby. So so so exciting. Forecasting, I think its a gift.

Or the Secret.. either way.. I think it goes something like

Livin livin livin livin liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife.

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