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I've lost track of time and days. I know it's easy but I still haven't even really worked out the exact difference between here and home. I don't have a watch. I think I'm still missing a night of sleep. And people may be getting emails from me at like four in the morning. So with all that being said I'm in France on day...not so sure. I guess this is the way vacations are supposed to be though. I may forget what day it is that I am supposed to come home. As requested here are some flicks from the vacay so far. More to follow.

I heart coffee.

They look like colorful mini-burgers and taste delicious. The best macarons I have ever had.

The beach in Nice.

On the boardwalk.

p.s. I don't own a camera. (I know!) I'm using my old iPhone which is no longer hooked up to a service provider. I guess now it's an i-pod and a camera. Better than those old cell phones sitting around in my drawer doing nothing. I'm going to figure out this whole camera obtaining thing when I get back though.

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2 Responses to “France Day…”

  1. Mdot miss mdot says:

    Nice..Day..France Day! I heart Nice..enjoy ur trip!!

  2. Mish says:

    i’m peanut butter and jealous

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