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There are more closet/housing/design inspired blogs now than I can keep track of. I try not to look for them anymore, each one guarenteeing a time suck of an hour minimum with future monthly intervals with every new post or emailed preview.

While the Selby was originally a great source of inspiration I've recently replaced it with a similar German site. Feast your eyes on Freunde Von Freunden, where homes seem a great deal bigger, cleaner, asthetically peaceful and for lack of a better word, happier. Plus, anywhere where chevron flooring is the equivalent to parquet (that's not in my dreams), stands to benefit me.

Photos lifted from Freunde Von Freunden.
1. Frank Stueve 2. Malin Elmlid 3. Jenna Brinning

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  2. traceyleigh says:

    Every single thing they post on freunde von freunden is my dream home.

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