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Last year my friend Annie and I tested our friendship in a contest to find each other a proper match - we had one afternoon to do this and three rules: #1. neither of us could know the candidates, #2. they couldn't be too famous and 3#. you had to have a legitimate explanation why it was a potential match.

For Annie I found a man named Corey Arnold (fisherman, cat lover, photographer and club mumble contributor). Unfortunately Corey wasn't that into the idea of a "new friend" several thousand miles away since he is at sea for a handful of months every the year already. That must be lonely. Corey, we feel for you and we are happy for the girl that ends up in your bear arms.

Annie first matched me with Zach Shields which she submitted to me with a note saying "only because Ryan is taken". Zach is a babe but since we didn't know anything about him he didn't qualify under rule #3. This match did however leed us to wikipedia where we discovered Ryan was actually single and ready to mingle, and oh yes, a scorpio! I approved. I've always wanted to date a scorpio. I imagine it would be exactly like dating myself.

While contacting Corey was easy, getting in touch with Ryan was a bit more difficult and while Annie reached out to friends we thought might know him we learnt that most of the girls and guys could also see themselves with Gosling. Okay so maybe he didn't qualify under rule #2. Needless to say we moved on and I doubt Ryan ever heard about this contest.

I, however, still get links to gosling photos and gossip on almost a weekly basis. My friend Tracey linked me to some hilarious photo again this morning and I thought to myself, how the hell did this start again? Remembering all of the above. For all the gosling lovers out there please enjoy this link .

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