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Whoever said West Coast hip hop was dead lied to you. Don't get it confused, I am and will forever be an East  Coast girl. Having been around here for a minute now, I can honestly say the music scene is well and alive and I'm excited for what is to come from some of these kids. Dom Kennedy is one of my favorite rappers out of L.A alongside Carter and the rest of the crew. This is probably one of my favorite tracks. Aside from being a musical The Hundreds commercial (when did rappers ever turn down free clothes,) the whole thing is great. I had to watch the video about 20 times before realizing my girl Jess was sitting on that couch. Ooops! Actually I didn't notice, she had to tell me. The track below is off of Dom's new mixtape "From The Westside, With Love" and it's already my summer anthem. You've been warned, it's highly addictive. Download the mixtape here.

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