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I first discovered Dam Funk at a Stones Throw gig in Montreal a friend dragged me to. The show was pretty long and the lineup was a bit of a let down, but out of the blue came this sexy grown music, it was Dam Funk. I had to grab a chair and watch--with a half empty room, this guy was still serving that mic as though Leroy Burgess was in the room, set to impress. I immediately thought, "this guy is going to blow up and when he does, be-careful!" I've since seen Dam play more times than I can count and he never fails to impress. I love that he's adapted his work as a producer into a live show, in which he sings to tracks like "Hood Pass Intact." He's switching the game up and showing producers all over there's a way to bring the realness and be full on entertainers, something that's not given to everyone. If Dam Funk had initially set to bring Funk back, I can say it's here--and not only that but he's convinced me to keep my hood pass intact, 2 birds-1 stone

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