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About a few months ago I came across this writer named Matthew Schultz. He had written a few pieces I liked on Thought Catalog and I pursued his blog to find more. There I clicked on a post he wrote about a website called Future Me and it's psychic yet unbelievably poignant timing. Future Me is a website where you can write yourself a letter (privately or publically) and Future Me will deliver it to you sometime in the future. You have no idea when your "Dear Me" email will be sent back to yourself. This is the magic of Future Me.

After reading Matt's piece I decided to do a Future Me. I was feeling really down about my finances. I had just been dumped. My hair was at a really bad length. You know, huge problems. So, I Future Me'd myself. Click. I forgot about it almost instantly.

Fast-forward to last week (if that makes any sense at all) and I'm having a terrible day, again. I found out I wasn't going to make rent. I was overwhelmed with tour preparations. I was up to my eye-balls in interviews and unfinished first drafts that were long overdue. And then, I lost a member of my family who I was very close with. It sucked. I had been pushing everything to that part of my brain labeled "Do Not Think About This" and letting it stew like a sob-fest tornado. I was pretending everything was okay when it wasn't and then this popped into my inbox.

Thank you, Future Me. (You little psychic fucker.) Thanks for unleashing the tornado and making it all too real. Needless to say that after the storm things started to get a bit better.

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