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A while ago Charlotte blogged about a pair of "satanic dessert/punk as fuuk boots" that she was trying to hunt down in her size. I wonder if she ever found them? Today, on my way home, I stopped into the Salvation Army to try to find lace curtains. No success on the lace. Instead, I found two pairs of shoes and one pair are going to make my pal Charlotte pretty jealous:

Ignore the fact that I look like a latchkey kid holding up an animal she killed for a strip of bacon and boom! "Satanic dessert/punk as fuuk boots". Sorry Charlotte, but they are a size 10.

What are these? Oh, I don't know. Looks to me like a pair of hand made, leather running shoes slippers gloves boots from the deepest depths of a Japanamation movie starring Kayne West as a fourth grade break-dancing guru. I had to buy these because they are beyond ridiculous.

At least I now have something to wear with my cargo stretch pants when I'm selling ecstasy at Shambhala.

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