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Ogden, UT to Breckenridge, CO to Aspen, CO to Mount Snow, VT to Vancouver, BC to Smithers BC. Dew Tour to training in Breck to X Games to Dew Tour to one glorious day at home to a Skeena Heli trip with Redbull. As you can see I've had an insane couple of weeks. Sorry for the lag in blog posts, my life has been hectic and extremely tiring to say the least. X Games was long, a ton of practice time that was really needed for the course. It was technical and close together like X always is. They really want us to be a video game and as much as I wish my body was a controller, it isn't, so tackling that course is always tough. The rails were many and super close together and the jumps were big. I was feeling good on the course and by the time qualifiers finally rolled around on Saturday ( we arrived in Aspen on Monday) I thought I was ready to go. The last two years I've gone from a Bronze medal to a Silver medal so this year I put a lot of pressure on myself to take the progression to the next level. I really, really wanted to win. I think more than I ever have so when the morning practice before qualifiers wasn't going quite as I had planned I began to panic. For the first time in a long time, I lost my cool during a competition and as much as I tried to come back from it and just trust myself, I couldn't. I let my head get the best of me and didn't make finals for the first time at X Games. It was an extremely disappointing day for me, but from the mouth of Epictetus, "It's not events, but our opinions about them, which cause us suffering." I feel like I learned something that day and even though I didn't walk away with a gold medal a lesson was learned. There's always next year right?

My room at x games, thank you Gabe!! Yes those chairs are made out of balloons.

Badass art next to my bed.

Super excited when I saw this. Classic modest mouse.

Davina channeling her inner Rihanna.

Babes, just chilling in the bathroom at belly up.

Ellery isn't 21 so they drew giant X's on her hands. We fixed that problem quickly.

Elena, Ebonee, myself and Ellery. Love all of these ladies.

Myself, Susie and Ellery.

I had to post this just because of Kjersti. So wasted. Party bus anyone?

Sean and Jenny.

The next day I dragged my butt up to the course and cheered on my girl Janna. Google her, she won her first US Open at 13, has 4 X Games golds and is my favorite female snowboarder. She landed the first cab 9 ever in female competition and took home the bronze (I think she should have gotten silver). It was a great day for female riding and I'm so stoked on how the girls rode, I was bummed to not be up there with them, but it was sort of fun to be on the other side of things.

After X Games I went straight to Vermont for the final stop of the Dew Tour. That state is way too cold, I'm so happy to not be there anymore. It was a quick trip, we arrived on Tuesday, practiced Wednesday on the barely finished course and the girls did qualifiers on Thursday. I won the previous stop so I didn't have to compete until finals (so stoked!) on Friday. I fell on one of my stock tricks in my first run and sent my hard run for my final run. It wasn't as clean as I had hoped so I ended up in third place and third overall. That night I partied with friends at this weird Vermont Inn called the Matterhorn because the Dew Tour party wouldn't let athletes in, go figure. Peter won for the drunkest person of the night and I think I took second. Jack shots aren't anyone's friend.

Snowboarders do NOT travel light. At least 125lbs per person.

Chicago is notorious for it's awful weather. It makes up for it this amazing installation.

Part of Kjersti, Chanelle, myself Gretchen and Eddie. Matterhorn!


I took the earliest flight ever out of VT on Sunday so I could get home in time for my older sister's 3 year cake (that's a drug addict's clean birthday). It was amazing to finally be able to share that day with her as the past two years I've been on the road. NA is a really unique and amazing thing. It was cool to go to a meeting with her and see the varying degrees of struggle people are going through and to see people talk so openly about themselves. My whole family was there and I'm so proud of her. She's one of the most inspiring people in my life and I'm really happy to call her my sister. I also got to spend that evening and all of today with my man. It had been six weeks so it was super nice to be home for a day and to sleep in my own bed. I'm now on my way to Smithers to go to Skeena Heli with Redbull. PUMPED!

Baby Ruby. My friend Monica is one blessed momma, the cutest kid ever.

Anthony and Ruby. Cute couple.

This is the longest blog post ever, I wonder if anyone will actually read the whole thing...

Talk soon,


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  1. G. says:

    I did read the whole thing ! AHAH! you seem to have a amazing life out there! Wish I wasn’t in school right now.. oh well..
    Keep your good work!

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