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I told you all about my girl crush Hallie last week. The crushing continues. She wrote me the following in response to my girl crush post. Soon enough I'm gonna have to start "no lezbo-ing" my posts:

"About a month ago i was in my favorite bar with a friend. after a few beers i go to the back to use the restroom. there isn't a line but both of them are locked so i sit in the bench between them and start talking to this kid i know. THEN, ALL OF A SUDDEN this wretched miserable blond girl comes up and stands in line for one of the bathrooms. i lean over and go, "i'm in line" and she goes, "sure you are," so i laugh because who in their right mind is going to get agro over a bathroom line that, well, isn't even a line yet. I stand up and we're both waiting now. I'm smiling. I'm thinking things are cool, laughing to myself about r kelly lyrics or something. "ha ha ha," i think to myself. "i'm about to use the restroom. ha ha ha". the door opens. i catch it with my foot and the miserable girl snakes her way in and starts to close the door. THE DOOR OF THE BATHROOM I WAS IN LINE FOR. stunned, i say, "i was in line!" and she goes, "no you weren't." and then drops some name of a famous guy she works for, literally like this: "no you weren't. i'm (fill in the blank)'s assistant." and slams the door. i use the other bathroom that's by that time vacant, and i go back to my friend who is now sitting with a guy who looks like he is dressed in a disguise. i lividly recount what just happened until the miserable girl comes to the front of the bar to sit with some effeminate men and my friend decides that we have to go. that i'm too angry to stay there and i may do something i'd "regret" later. now, if kenza took the place of my friend that night, we'd need a third friend with a fast car and a smooth lawyer. i know this because during the, like, six hours i met her, she helped me down a behemoth mug of beer, either caused or stopped a fight in a poutine line, chatted up a boy, accosted someone eating in the back of a car, and split a bottle of wine with me as teh sun came up. have you ever seen the warriors? remember when they go to the foxy girls' hangout, then one of the guys goes, "the chicks are packed!"? she's totally a lizzie."

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  1. ziz says:

    amazing. i crush on you both xx

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