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I write for a fashion magazine, therefore I think I should be writing a bit more about style. Charlotte always does these really charming posts about her fashion inspirations and so this is mine or what I could muster up. A list of women that make me want to put clothes on in the morning and never think about pants again until laundry day.


I love her over-sized brown coat and her white shirt that is all torn up from bird claws. A true lady of labor. This is like Reno-bird-lady-on-the-outs Heidi meanwhile, below we have L.A-night-life-just-getting-wild-with-the-"ladies"-meets-courtroom-casual-glamor Heidi. She doesn't give a shit and I think that is what I like most about her style. (Her face, however, is a different story.) It's not so much the items she wears - I do love her 90s suits - but the attitude she has towards them. I mean, her clothing doesn't break the rules, but she sure does. (I'm not exactly on born with her so-called "rule breaking".)


Somewhere, in an alternative universe so wild and magical that all men have their dicks between their eyes and the ocean yells at you when you pee in it, I could be as cute as France Gall was on earth circa the 1960s.


Donita Sparks dressed like an old greasy metal head because she was one. The way Donita dresses represents the way I feel (most days) about trying to "make an outfit". More over, in the early 90s she had the best hair in rock.


This is my good friend, Brenna. Never have I met someone who looks so effortlessly put-together all the time. She is Ms. Attention-to-the-details and for me - someone who hasn't owned a matching bra and underwear in years despite working at a lingerie store - well, I'm just flat out impressed. Brenna is always on the hunt for new treasures; meticulously combing thrifts stores and boutiques in search for that perfect pair of boots. Perseverance is key here because - more often than not - she finds exactly what she is looking for. She also owns about nine hundred hats, which she keeps in neat little boxes in her neat little apartment.


In my eyes Connie was way above Sable Starr, Nancy Spungen and even Bebe Buell. Have you ever seen hair like this on a junkie? And that china doll make-up makes her the pot of gold at the end of my fashion fantasy rainbow. Plus, she pairs a dress and jean vest underneath a suit. This must be the work of a leprechaun.

Honorable Mention goes to: Kim Gordon, Sable Starr, Tommy Stinson, my mom (she deserves to be in the real list but I didn't have any old photos around), Patti Smith, Pink Dollaz and Kristen Pfaff.

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3 Responses to “GIRL, ICONIC”

  1. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Connie Ramones blush. Like.

  2. Mish Mish says:

    A-ma-zing. I die, do you die?

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