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Picture this. You are sent an invitation asking for tall, attractive women to be party guests at an ever-so elegent soiree. Holy Acrylic! I've always wanted to be discovered! You know your moment has come. You style your hair, you add just the right amount of make-up, you throw on your best push-up bra and twirl out the door. Excited like Cinderella you arrive at the event to find out this isn't a soiree at all, it's actually a weirdo meeting led by Libyan leader, Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and he wants YOU to convert to Islam. But wait, he's going to give you $75 dollars, a copy of his manifesto as well as The Koran. Yeah, dinner or dancing or socializing like promised, but you can get easy directions to Mecca. So, like, just stick around?

This happened yesterday in Rome. Read the full story here in The New York Times.

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