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You've always wanted to know what kind of lover your favorite rapper would make? For those of you out there interested, you no longer have to consider the thought of leaving your dignity in a hotel room, someone else did it for you! Thanks to the blog "Tales from A Groupie," you can finally discover the ins and outs of these people's encounters with the likes of Weezy, Diddy, Jay-Z and Rick Ross.

I couldn't tell you how ridiculous and explicit these stories are but apparently groupies have no shame in their game and no, I'm not talking Gangstarr style. After reading some of these, I have a feeling some of these bad boys, might not feel like Gs' anymore!

I'd like to clarify that contrary to popular belief, the term groupie doesn't only apply to women. Male groupies manifest themselves in numerous different forms. Do not let anyone fool you, d*ck riding is a very strong form of groupie-ism that is commonly practiced and often camouflaged as "bro/ homie/ buddy/ boy status." A popular example of such d*ck riding has been seen on F list tv show "Bromance." If you thought that guys didn't ditch their dignity for celebrity chicks, go read about the guy who gave it up to Jacki-O after 5 minutes of chit-chatting on the street. He says it was on some "I double dare you" tip. I say bullshit...

Let this website shock you, make you feel a little nauseous and perhaps laugh a little! xo

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