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Alright--The craziness is done. I'm back to my normal self and by default that means more bloggizim time.

I have an itch for glasses, I can't front though, I have a hard time wearing them cause of my add style. Chances are if I put them on, they won't be on my face when I come home. The good news is my karma points must be through the roof. I've been giving people free glasses since age 4, in fact I remember coming home from school as a kid and my parents asking me where my clothes had gone--you know winter jackets, hats, cute gloves and on one occasion a gold bracelet my grand-ma had given me. I guess I'm just generous. I know someone else who is generous and likes to make ladies look good... his name is Corey Shapiro. Corey hooked me up with these Christian Dior  glasses and I wear them all the time and so far I've been pretty selfish about them. Lets try and keep it that way right? Check out Corey's stuff here and see who he's hooking up with what!  Book an appointment and maybe you'll end up rocking the same glasses as Rick Ross. Don't get my Dior's've been warned!

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