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Photo shot by Kenza Chaouai at The Saints in Montreal, 2006

Guru is a lyrical genius, point blank. I had the chance to shoot him in Montreal a few years ago, and if it wasn't for the skull hat, it would've been a near perfect magical experience. I can't mention Guru without stating that the Jazzmatazz compliations are some of my all time favorites. The Erykah Badu and Guru track is amongst one of my all time favorite songs, because let's be real, a girl's gotta have "Plenty." For now I'm sending "Plenty" of good vibes Guru's way. It's funny how the internet can be in a virtual uproar following devastating news and weeks later things find their  own way back into the archival box.  Hopefully the future holds many more years of spectac' rap display for Guru and as for us, let's just keep our fingers crossed for  an eventual Guru and Primo reunion, wouldn't we all love that?

Some of my favorite none gangstarr Guru hits:

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