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To be honest, I don't really like Halloween. I'm not so into dressing up. And costume are usually so annoying at parties--they poke you, you're not sure if that guy is cute or not, and girls usually look pretty slutty. With all that being said, Halloween this year was really really fun. Mind you it took us 40 minutes in a cab to go 30 blocks, but we made it eventually. I was invited to the party The Smile was hosting in an empty warehouse on 28th and Broadway. There was open bar, they had a free taco truck, The Drums performed (although I never saw it) and the costume contest was judged by peeps like Terry Richardson and Charlotte Ronson. My girlfriend, Rochelle, went as jingle, and so she made a costume to be jangle. It included lots of bells.

This is Jingle

I took this guys photo 'cause I know someone that loves caviar. Turns out it was Michael Stipe, the lead singer for R.E.M. Smoove move Hana.

Crying southern pageant contestant who looses, turns to cigarettes. There, there--second runner up in Alabama isn't that bad.

Black Eye Betty.

The host with the mostess.

Unmanned costume.

I liked this costume. He was covered in little birds.

Jingle started kicking around left over ice at the end of the night. Then we headed to The Bowery. Never made it to the Vice party. I think I'd maybe had one too many (tacos that is) by that point.

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