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I have a new blog on Antenna Magazine!

If you've ever noticed the things "I heart" on my blog description, "boys clothes" is sixth on my list. Maybe my interest in men's fashion began when I started dressing more conservatively which led to buying menswear (You should have seen half the stuff I wore when I was 19!) or maybe it relates back to when girls started wearing boys t-shirts (I still haven't stopped). But despite buying the odd  piece for my own closest, more recently, I've come to have a certain appreciation for the craftsmanship and tailoring in menswear. A classic line, I've said a million times from the various retail jobs I've had since high school, and a line I've probably heard twice as many, is, "It will look better off the hanger." Good menswear, thanks to it's tailoring, looks just as good on the hanger as it does off. I like that. But, that's not to say that certain pieces aren't brought to life by certain personalities.

When women go shopping, we're supposed to have the stereotypical gay companion for advice. Men have the "girlfriend."  So this blog is like me shopping with a "boyfriend." Hence, my boyfriend blog. Menswear, I'd like to see men wear.

Check it out on Antenna here.

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