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Yeah, yeah I'm late on the celebration blog post, but what's a few days right? I got to spend my new years in Vancouver with my man and some good friends at Fortune Sound Club. I ended up extremely drunk with my heels in a plastic bag and really thankful for free public transit. I had lost my boyfriend and somehow managed to not puke and to catch the last seabus back to North Vancouver where I found him walking back to our friends with a feast from 7-11. We crashed and got up too early so I could head home and pack to come back to Colorado. Needless to say yesterday wasn't much fun, but at least the night before was.

I don't know what it is about NYE, Halloween, birthdays etc, but there's usually way too much pressure for them to ever be any fun. Last night was one of the most successful in recent history and regardless of all the cliches I was just happy to ring in the New Year with some people who matter. I'll get drunk for a new year, but I refuse to make false promises to myself. I know I won't be losing 10 pounds or figuring out a way to curb my shopping addiction, but I can be hopeful that this coming year and decade will be better than the last.

Hope you all had a great one and spent it with your loved ones.

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