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Today, Agnès Poirier of the Guardian UK compiled a slide show with audio about the French icon, Brigitte Bardot who - a few days - will turn 75 years old. The clip features analysis and personal stories about Brigitte from Paul Fournel, Nicole Farhi, AC Grayling to Jane Birkin.

Over at Jezebel, one writer points out that even though the video claims that Brigitte was an "existential icon", feminist figure and essence of the quintiessential, carefree French woman, the people in the video clip speak only about Brigitte's physical qualities. "I find it ironic that those so eager to claim her as an icon of liberated womanhood are so insistent on looking only at that image that was created to appeal to men." The video also talks about Brigitte as though she is dead.

Brigitte is not dead. In fact, she will be celebrating her birthday on September 28.

What is interesting about this montage is that it celebrates the actress symbolically. Jezebel points out that the video even goes so far as to call Brigitte "an amalga, the sort of perfect shape of an attractive, erotic, desirable female." Yes, this may have been true, but what is she now? Since retiring from the spotlight at age 39, has she lived up to these iconic demands attached to her physique, her youth, her carelessness?

The video, while praising Brigitte for her iconic beauty and timing, remembers her through the sexualized gaze of someone else. Where are her thoughts, her analysis of her own career? And where is all the insanity of her life, post-acting? The "racial hatred" she has been accused of or her animal rights activism? The video locks Brigitte into one moment of herself, one standard and the rest, not appealing, not beautiful and so, not important. It's funny, because it seems that if one was to be claimed as a 'feminist figure' it would be for something she has actually done or continued to do for women. I'd like to think that this title of 'feminist figure' wouldn't fade with a few wrinkles and a dress size.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Brigitte. Sorry your video is so lame.

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