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Went to the Eric Haze, New Abstracts and Icons opening on Thursday Night. It was his largest show to date and included paintings, sculptures and drawings, and the exhibit looked really good.

My homegirl Jenn looking great, like a hot little gallerista. Seeing as she's Haze's boo, it seems fitting.

Jess, still jet lagged from Japan, where she says the vintage shopping is killer (I'm dying to get out there), with Dust.

Dave (aka Squishy's Dad) with the lovely Amy.

Tish, working it.

Kid was wearing a Max Fish tee. So cute!

Matt aka Bongo Boy posted this shot of A-Trak and I.

Here he is with me. Matt may be younger but that doesn't stop him from being everywhere! He kills it in the reporting department, getting interviews at all the events he goes to. He's cool and took more pics than I did.  You can check them out here. (His Dad is pretty damn cool too.)

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  1. […] I just left LA but for all the wonderful westcoast people still there, go check this out this weekend. Haze x Stussy at the Known Gallery 441 N. Fairfax Avenue, Feb. 27 and Feb. 28, 11am to 6pm. See some of my pics from Haze’s recent opening in New York here. […]

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