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Rolled out to LA area...nice drive when your alone..and have the playlists going..

Left SF..and it was 56ºF...and 4 hours later...YIKES..

First taste of LA LA Land...

..and it was one dude against all these..CRAZY!

My LiL Bro..Mook-LY..making me a macchiato..this is BIG! If u kno him,u kno this...

I was impressed..

Rolled thru to the Agenda Show in Huntington Beach..

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with the show before..on an exhibitor level..

then they changed the location and makes a world of difference..maybe it was San Diego...

I'd show at this show..two thumbs up!

Bring the RAWKUS..

Stopped by Insight's showroom..

Lovin' the denim...

So Maui & Sons..been around seemed like they dropped of the face of the earth..

Not true actually, they been still going..just recently they decided to tap into the Lifestyle market..

I had this exact sweatshirt when I was 12..It doesn't get more SO-CAL FRESH than this!!

Came up on a headphone brand..called Aerial and was pretty impressed with the quality..

you can actually use these to DJ..and the colors are NICE!

Nice to see this coming from the DC Life camp..even though I rocked this material..2 years ago..

they're stepping up their game..for sure..


Even NICER>>

So I'm a big fan of Wemoto..quality is on point..and the guys behind the brand are cool peoples too..

Eventhough I had to put away my Harem pants...coz it became too trendy...have to have these...

Super clean spectacles from IMKING....Love the tagline..."Not For Everyone"

Ran into Danny Kass (Pro Snowboarder) this guy...makes you want to fuck shit up..and get ROWDY!

Even with 2 Silver Olympic medals..he's still down to cooooool!

His brand..Grenade..started off as a mitten/gloves they make everything..down to shoes too!

Only Bigfoot would rock shades while painting indoors..chill dude.. be continued...

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