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What do Janeane Garofalo, Winona Rider, Parker Posey, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Nina Persson have in common? Aside from being total babes and my favorite stars, their fame hailed from the 90’s.

In 2009, it's kind of depressing to realize everything and everyone I admire is on hiatus (with the exception on Ms Paltrow…no comment). However with Winona gracing the cover of ELLE UK this month and Nina Persson touring without the Cardigans I'm feeling, among other things, excited and encouraged.

Last night the Hearty team attended Nina Persson's newest project, A Camp preform in a small Montreal venue. These artists have experience and it shows, so much so that we almost felt guilty that the performance was so affordable. The set design was warm and inviting, her vocals educated, strong but girlie and her dimples made us contemplate going home and hammering steril nails through our cheeks. Smallest straw goes first...

Although it was hard to peal our eyes away from Nina and the slamming silk jumper she was sporting (a one piece has never looked more mature or sexual) the entire five piece band had great stage presence. The original formation, Nina, her husband Nathan Larson and guitarist Niclas Frisk charmed and entertained and even greeted new and old fans at the merch table after their third encore.

With the release of their second album Colonia, their uniform folky sound remained both enjoyable and affable, much like the later Cardigan records.

The whole experience has us hearty girls wanting to start our own band just to tour with these growing musicians who we bet are fun loving, hilarious creatures who also happen to look and sound extremely cool.

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