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To tour with an act like Phoenix, you've got to have talent. French A list musicians are not the kind to bring mediocre drum thumping brooklynites along on tour. What phoenix has accomplished over the years is pop music with an indie sound that is executed flawlessly. Amazing Baby are onto a similar idea only it sounds like they are trying to rip metal guitar from the 90's and make it poppy and movable (not in a head butting way). They have yet to accomplish this sound but seem to be on their way. With a rather tight set, these young bucks are steps away from accomplishing what could be something big.

The good news was their live sound was better than their recordings and some of the boys were sporting bad ass studded boots that made us slightly envious. Amazing Baby will hopefully pick up some of Thomas Mars' rock quality cool factor that one should expect from a good Brooklyn band. What they need is a few more years on the road and perhaps a mean desire to own the stage. Keep your eyes and ears peeled as we fear these babies will soon make amazing men.

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