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The Vans X Hellz Bellz party last night was really fun. Best part was definitely fooling around in the picture booth and getting to see my girls! Above are some of the shots I snapped with the girlies, and below are some shots from my BlackBerry and pics I found/ganked here and on Village Slum (Thanks Mel!). More (professional) photos on Village Slum and Last Nights Party. And some really cute photos over on Paris and Pascual. And just got linked to some on LTD too.

Photo by Mel D. Cole, Village Slum

Love it Kerin.

Photo by Mel D. Cole, Village Slum

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5 Responses to “The Afternoon After”

  1. yoshi says:

    awwww yeaaaa – did you see the ones on ladylike tooooo?

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  3. […] Coast) and a big outdoor skate park. There was way too much food (in a good way) and Vans had the photo booth up and running again so everyone put on their best awkward faces. One of the best parts was that Mi Mi was in town […]

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