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Hello all my lovely ladies! I've got a new type of collaboration in-store for all the fashion hungry! HELLZ has recently collaborated with up-and-coming artist, Dev! Take a peek!

Now being played on MTV and MTVU, HELLZ embarks on to a
new media of brand recognition when the line collaborates with  up and
coming music artist, Dev  for her latest musice video: 'Booty Bounce'.
Filmed and directed by one of the industries most sought after new faces,
Ethan Lader,  HELLZ presents viewers with over-stimulating visuals, and
flawless fashion. Providing Dev with the official 'Booty Bounce' wardrobe,
the clothing brands entire history is brought center forth, and never skips
a beat through every outfit cut.Over the last 5 years, HELLZ has gone from
independent t-shirt line, to world spanning women's fashion brand. The
evolution is apparent as bright and graphic pieces fill the screen and
switch off into the more sophisticated, current styles from HELLZ  Fall 2010
collection - Soon to be released August 2010.

Premiering  on MTV and MTVU, fashion followers can view the history of
HELLZ, as well as a sneak peek into the brands future styled head-to-toe on
'Booty Bounce'.

Dev x Hellz Lookbook from HELLZ on Vimeo.

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