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Since kids have skipped right from the sandbox to fruit leathers to full penetration, a condom company in Switzerland has invented a condom wee enough to fit the penis of a 12-14 year old boy. Apparently, the cute little rubber dome was dreamed up in "response to a study that indicated young teens were regularly engaging in unprotected sex."

Nancy Bodmer, who headed the research, said: "The result that shocked us concerned young boys who display apparently risky behaviour. They have more of a tendency not to protect themselves. They do not have a very developed sexual knowledge. They do not understand the consequences of what they are doing and leave the young girls to take care of the consequences.”

The condom is called "Hot Shot" and although I do appreciate that this product is a form of harm reduction against STD's and pre-teenage pregnancy (and a much needed distribution of responsibility), it's going to take some pretty savvy marketing to get all boys on board. "The Hotshot measures 1.7 inches in diameter (as opposed to 2 inches found with regular ones), and 7.4 inches in length" however, the extra-small stature of this Johnny is not printed on the box, hence the substitute name, "Hot Shot". Renaming the product was a smart move since other studies have shown that men are reluctant to use condoms labeled "small" or "medium". As if this is an excuse for spreading H.P.V. Pride?

Unfortunately, for now, Hot Shots are only available in Switzerland.

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