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"DJ 50 Grand’s Basement Studio in Brooklyn" by Ian Baguskas

After you've finished cruising all of hearty's new features, check out "How Ya Livin' Biggie Smalls" on The Fader. Shot by Ian Baguskas, this photo series revisits historical landmarks from the life of Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G. These are some hauntingly beautiful shots even if you take them out of context. The photo of Biggie's house in Raleigh, North Carolina is like something out of Winter's Bone.

Accompanying the photos are memories from some of Biggie's nearest and dearest including DJ 50 Grand, Dream Hampton and Jeff Burroughs. "The level of flavor he was kicking? Black and ugly as ever…Coogi down to my socks. That was ridiculous. Rings filled with rocks… He took it crazy, he epitomized the whole 
Versace era." —Andre Harrell, founder of Uptown Records

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