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Sometimes I wish I had no body and just a brain and hands. I know a brain and hands would come to exist as my body, my corporeal vessel, but there are so many grievances that I wish I could do without for short periods of time. Cleaning it, feeding it, dressing it, moving it, holding it up. It's all very tiring.

I watched Jean-Luc Godard's Hail Mary last night. There's a scene at the beginning (about 6 minutes in) where Mary is shown looking to the roof and a massive plane flies over her house, J  squeaked "was that the annunciation?" and then fell asleep about 3 seconds later. Regardless, it was beautiful and masturbatory in the best Godard way and Slate even calls HM his last great film. But this is not another film review, so instead of releasing throngs of personal information to make you all uncomfortable I am just going to give you some keywords and phrases to work with: purity, chastity, Love, can the body have a soul? I've been with no one. JOSEPH. Dvorak. It's not enough. I've been with no one.

There's really no way to be certain about what we are supposed to do with these bodies of ours. I guess in immediacy we can adorn them and then rub them up against each other if we really need to be active. Or cover them?

I want to not have a body. Next week in existential demands: I wish for the plurality of temporality.

Here are some bodies.

Hydrobody by Casey RAnderson of Lamp and Boat

These photos belong to: Colby Jones
These bodies belong to: Bronwyn McDonald and Adrian Stanca

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