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... that's right folks, I do!!! Lemme first take this time to formally introduce myself to you... my name is Lanie, although many know me by misslawn, the creative director/founder of the female street-contemporary line, Hellz

Now here are some crazy facts about me that'll give ya'll a lil' insight as to WhatTheHellz I'll be bloggin' about on here:

  1. I'm a late 20 something, married to my best friend, Bam, mama to our weiner dog, Marley, and I love fashion / design / life / gold / family / traveling / bbm / blogging!!!
  2. I do not eat vegetables... strange, I know but it's just something about the texture, the taste, the well... everything about them that I DO NOT LIKE. However, I understand that this may cause harm to my health, sooooo as of this year I have introduced spinach & mushrooms (not the happy kind) into my diet... baby steps, my friends... baby steps. Although, I don't eat vegies... I do eat like a beast and FOOD (meat & carbs in particular) is one of my passions. I hearty food!!!
  3. My dream has always been to run away with the circus to be a magician. I know a few tricks so if you run into me ask me to show you some and it'll be my pleasure.
  4. I am absolutely in lurve with all things TWILIGHT!!! Yup, I said it... Yes, I understand I'm not a tweenie bopper, but fuck it... it brings out my inner nerd and makes me feel like a teenager again. I've even taken my obsession love for twilight up a notch and started a twi-blog with my girlfriends called WhatTheForks... check it out!!!

Alrighty, that's all for now folks... I look forward to bloggin' about anything and everything!!!!


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