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I remember I was on a date, he said we'd go see one for me, "its Miranda July's new movie". I don't think I knew the name, I don't know if I lied. I remember trying to find the theatre, I remember not wanting to leave when it was over.Walking away he said "See, that was cute, I don't know why everyone is beating up on her for making a good movie". He was referring to the same people who hate on their favorite record as soon as the bands sold enough records to quit their day jobs. I understood who he was talking about but I couldn't relate. I was in love. How could anyone feel anything other than admiration and inspiration for this awkward and intense talent that was and is Miranda July?  

Then came the book, a blonde redhead video, more short films and art installations. Miranda has not ever ceased to encourage and motivate me as a women but also as a driven individual.

The photo above is from Eleven Heavy Things. Now installed in the Center Lawn of Union Square Park until the end of September.

Also visit her website, its my favorite of them all.

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