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i know i've been lacking on the posting front - i'm sorry! got a lot of things planned for the new year (i know, i hate saying that because EVERYONE always says shit like that, but yea, i really DO have a lot in store for 2010!!! i swear!)

just wanted to take this moment to thank hana and all the rest of the hearty girls for allowing me to ramble on their site. watching hearty's growth is truly inspirational. they cover the latest and greatest (and funniest) for all of us to absorb as we sit at our work desks trying not to get caught scrolling through our google readers =X

anyway, i'll try to post more random stuff! but in the case that i fail (womp womp) you can always catch me on my other sites since i have ADD and have too much to say lmaooooo

so now, i leave you with this:

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2 Responses to “i’m a bad hearty blogger =(”

  1. Hana May Hana says:

    Yosh! Best picture ever. We heart (and love) you always! xo

  2. L.Boogs L.Boogs says:

    awww cute kitty.

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