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I saw Charlotte eating tuna last week when I was sick and at the time it looked and smelt so gross I wanted to throw up. I woke up yesterday and couldn't get flavored tuna out of my head. I was too lazy to leave my apartement given I was swamped in work so I asked every human I knew if I could find flavored tuna at the dep. No one seemed to have an answer. Some called me crazy, some said no (I know they just didn't know--haters), some said "eww" and others just brushed it off. I woke up today and didn't even want tuna anymore but had to find out if in fact flavored tuna could be found at the dep. The answer is yes my friends. I had to buy it just for the sake of feeling let's say "accomplished."

Not only did I purchase two cans but I found out that they made "SPICY THAI CHILI TUNA" and "LEMON & PEPPER TUNA." BBQ tuna please!!!

It's gonna be a good day tomorrow. Any tuna recommendations? kisses xo

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