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I always say life is short, so if you have bad blood with someone you love, it's never too late to patch it up. I'm far from being perfect and I definitely have a few folks I could use a patch job with but that said, deep down I'm a friendship fighter. In my optimistic quest to promote friendship fighting, the act of making friendships work, I always hoped Cam'ron and Jim Jones would patch it up for their own sake and for the sake of the only music I should be hearing out at clubs. Granted my motivation could be deemed selfish since I love all things dip set, but I wrote my thesis on Dip Set and "Bout it Bout it," spent my first train ride with Hana back from New York listening to Diplomatic Immunity and spent the better part of my nightlife in Montreal begging DJ Psychology, DJ Toddy Flores and DJ Excel to spin some dip set anthems. Let's just say "I Really Mean It" has been remixed by Hana, Mira and myself on numerous occasions...the beer remix...the gin remix...the vodka and pomegranate rockstar remix and to top it off, the tequila remix (probably the least successful of the series.)

The point is, Cam' needs Jimmy and Jimmy needs Cam', they go together like Cookies N' Apple Juice, or rather Cam' needed Jimmy on Cookies N' Apple Juice. Earlier this year, I wrote about the time Jim Jones told me he wanted Cam' back (pause) in a subliminal Christmas video. Today, news that the almighty Dip Set has followed my friendship fighting advice was released by the lovely Miss Info. I'd like to think my blog post inspired a Dip Set reunion, but I'm afraid I can't take credit for this one. I once dreamt of a Dip Set reunion so I guess dreams do come true. Since we're going in for part II, I think we should try to do things right, starting with no more sweat suits, bedazzle anything and definitely no more Ed Hardy !  Holler if you need a stylist, I got all of you.

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