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"Corinne is not my name. It's Third Degree Burns."

I can't help you if you've never seen this movie. Okay, I can help you by telling you to go and watch it right now. The Fabulous Stains (1981) is the story of Corinne Burns (Diane Lane) the classic troubled teen - dead parents, too pretty to deal with life, rebel with a feminist cause - who starts a band with her sister and their cousin. They go on tour with a washed up, coke-rock band and a new crew of Brit punks (uh, could this is a stab at the Sex Pistols?) The Fabulous Stains immediately gain attention when Corinne Burns lays down some crazy shit (The Skunk Look) and gives punk a female voice. Comment on feminism followings or riot grrrl culture? You decide. Whatever the case, Waste of Time is my favorite girl-punk moment ever put on DVD.

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