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Toody Cole, bassist for Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows, The Rats, and The Range Rats, is punk purity (yes, there is such a thing) and she has been around. Toody has done it all, twice and better than you could ever imagine, playing all over the world and becoming one of the most creditable female musicians in rock n roll. Okay, maybe I'm hyping her too hard, no no, I'm not. Toody is amazing. My band played with her band, Pierced Arrows in Portland on Saturday and I was spell bound. Toody and her husband, Fred Cole, front the punk-blues scene and after being married for almost 50 years, still gig today. Toody is sweet, enthusiastic and cool as shit. You just can't beat her. Wanna learn more about Toody? Yes, of course you do. Read this. Do it. Now.

Here are Toody and Fred today looking like gold:

Legs snapped this photo post-show as Toody was giving me the history of her Wyman Bass Guitar:

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