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Remember that episode of Friends where the cranky old man downstairs dies and the Friends get to raid his apartment? The place is filled with old crap and Chandler has a identity crisis when he realizes he too might end up like that cynical, sexless old man. You remember right? Anyways, in that same episode Rachel finds that weird 50s Barbie doll clock and Monica refuses to let her keep it. So, they get in some passive-aggressive argument over the Girly Clock and a seashell lamp as Joey magnifies his dick with a giant piece of glass.

So, I found this the other day at Value Village. It's an original Showgirl Doll from Las Vegas. It cost $8. I couldn't afford it so I took photos and purchased a jacket instead, then I accidently on purpose stole a vest.

Hey Monica, do you like my new mantel piece? It's a sexy plastic doll with feathers. I think her name is Janice.

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