My Blog__ If Tyra Can Do It: The Jersey Shore Girls Revealed Without Makeup

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It was Oprah, then Tyra, and now the Jersey Shore females are revealed without makeup. Gasp!

(This one is especially for you Mish)

Pic: Shabooty via inTouch

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19 Responses to “If Tyra Can Do It: The Jersey Shore Girls Revealed Without Makeup”

  1. Mish Mish says:

    They look totally normal. Well, minus the super-human breasts but pretty close.

  2. Maria says:

    They Look Very Pretty without make up. they should do that more often

  3. LeaGuidette says:

    They should wer naked.

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  5. Jess Bloom Jess Bloom says:

    why so greasy though?

  6. lynn says:


  7. carl fancysun says:

    omgizzle they look so perty

  8. alisssa says:

    Snooki actually looks really good without make up! the other two look like Crap!! urghhhh!

  9. Boogar says: still looks like they’re wearing makeup
    they look a lot better than most celebrities..

  10. Kindra says:

    Snooki & Sammi Look great W/O Makeup Jennie Looks Ok But Make up Makes Everyone Look Prettier

  11. Jen says:

    I think Snooki and Jenni look great. Sammi looks horrible…didn’t think she was that pretty to begin with to be honest.

  12. vane says:

    All three of them ~*GORGEOUS*~

  13. TK says:

    Why does Snookie’s head look so much bigger then the other two girls?

  14. Tomi Green says:

    I love them all…love you girls:) dont worry a bout what the ppl say just smile:)))

  15. Megan Cross says:

    Holy Crap!!! They are gorgeous! But Sammi looks like a teen and Jenni looks like looks like a pre-teen and Snooki just looks like herself but naturally beautiful! BTW Jenni you are still beautiful! but Snooki’s HOTT!!!

  16. Jessi says:

    they all look very pretty and normal but they look exactly as they do with or without makeup on

  17. heya says:

    sammi looks terrible jwow looks pretty still and snooki looks beter without att the makeup

  18. deebaybie says:

    wtf is everyone talking about LOL jenni looks the same with or without makeup, snooki looks disgusting both ways (even though i love her) with & without makeup. & sammi looks “normal” different but not ugly.

  19. LizzyBabyEE says:

    Everyone looks different with make up duhh. To me they all look pretty. Make up just enhances their beauty (;

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