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... not really, lol. ok well, lemme tell you something about myself... i heart food! italian, japanese, korean, filipino... all of it. now this is something that kenza and I have common and with that being said, majority of our tweets, bbm's, and emails consist of "so when are we gonna eat," "what's good to eat," "what's that that you ate," etc, etc, etc...

and since she moved to LA, we've been on a mission to link up & get our grub on at a bomb eatery BUT since it's LA and nobody ever actually meets up when they say they do, cuz of work, traffic and/or pure exhaustion, (but in my case, an impromptu trip to hawaii courtesy of my boo, Bam. thanks baba!!!) our mission has been on delay... that is until tomorrow (woot woot)

Sooooo, the other I hit up Kenza on bbm and the conversation goes a lil' something like this:

misslawn: yooooo, let's hookup on friday!!!

Kenza dundun: yes girl, i'm down

Kenza dundun: where?

misslawn: i wanna take to you to this place... it's crackin'

Kenza dundun: where?

misslawn: it's the bomb... Peruvian

Kenza dundun: wait... i'm so confused

Kenza dundun: strip club?!

misslawn: huh what? nawwww... Peruvian food!!!!

misslawn: hahahahaha, omg... can you imagine

Kenza dundun: lol, all u said was Mario's & it sounded male strip club-ish

misslawn: ooohh, speaking of male strip clubs, next vegas... Thunder Down Under baby!!!

Kenza dundun: oh, i've never been

misslawn: ok yeah, lets go.

misslawn: there's a guy there that gets down to some Usher song... crazzzyy!!!

Kenza dundun: yessss, we're going!!!

misslawn: ok wait... how did this convo sway from food to hot naked aussie strippers?! wtf

Kenza dundun: i dunno but i can't wait to have my peruvian treats served by a topless man...

misslawn: hahahahahaha

The end.

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