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Girlfriends come and go--it's only natural. Sometimes it's time to venture out and discover new things and while you may be leaving a couple of amazing girlfriends behind, one thing you can carry with you are the memories and the fact they'll most likely always be there on the other end of...bbm?

A few ladies who are leaving Montreal, myself included, decided to gather all of our girlfriends for one big moment of jumping, posing, winking and in some cases underwear exposing. There were a few ladies missing (Tracey, Hana, Mira, Jenn, Emily etc) but they're always in my thoughts, mind and heart. The photos were taken by a superb photographer by the name of Gordie Ball who was kind enough to lend us his talent and patience--dealing with the typical pri madona lines "wait let me fix my (insert here)" isn't always easy."One thing I can honestly say about Montreal is that I've been able to come by the best group of girls. It's sad to say but it is hard to gather 30 girls in a park that like and respect eachother, yet in Montreal, it's possible and we did it! Over the years, all we knew and still know is pure laughter, dance moves, lady love and vokda sodas! Girl love is the best kind of love... words to live by in 2009!

My few words of wisdom: Good girlfriends are just like good men, they are hard to come by. When you find them, do your very best to treat them the way you like to be treated, be there for them through thick and thin, don't judge them, love them and cherish every moment you spend with them and know they'll always be there even when there may be distance and silence.

Thank you for the good times. Emo rant done. Vodka soda lime anyone? xo

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