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Everyone hates Lana Del Rey because she sings like a dying battery and she had her lips pumped up to high volume. A few years ago, she was merely a little blonde girl named Lizzy Grant with a big dream of singing her heart out. Now, she has re-emerged (on her daddy's dime, apparently) as Lana Del Rey to bring us a new brand of pop: Nancy Sinatra sex appeal meets gangsta rap. Arguments about the "authenticity" of mainstream stars are pointless, so why do we scorn her so deeply? Her album Born To Die has received an endless amount of negative reviews and her SNL performance will go down in history as the rotten tomato of 2011. It seems like the whole world hates Lana Del Rey. Do you?

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27 Responses to “LANA DEL REY VS. LIZZY GRANT”

  1. Dana Dana says:

    I don’t hate her, but gangster? HAHA that’s a joke, Lana del collagen.

  2. Michelle says:

    No hate, but I DO think she looked better before!

  3. Mish Mish says:

    The lips are a bit…. Large as fuck.

  4. Annie says:

    She could staple a dick to her forehead for all I care. She’s fucking fabulous.

  5. Michelle says:

    I don’t hate anyone without decent reason. She’s just a pop star, FFS, no different than any of the others! I think people like to jump on whatever bandwagon is going & right now it’s popular to hate her. I don’t mind a few of her songs at all. I don’t see a difference between pop stars or understand why people judge them so harshly. You don’t have to like her music but I don’t understand the crazy hate :-/ :-/

  6. Michelle says:

    Also – I’m pretty sure it’s common practice for pop stars or film stars to get some cosmetic work done. I’m not keen on it personally, but I’m not gonna single 1 person out for doing so when the whole of Hollywood is plastic.

  7. Ingrid says:

    I don’t get this- you hate her because she has changed her image and pumped up her lips? Can anyone explain?? Who hasn’t? I find her voice wonderful, the music too. I think this hate-business is just good old- fashioned jealousy.

  8. Roy says:

    I like it. Get a hobby, jackass.

  9. Mish Mish says:

    COMMENTERS! I don’t hate her as you can see with what I have written, I’m simply asking why people do and if you are one of those people. She’s an interesting controversy.

  10. george says:

    Um some people using the term the whole world hates so and so like the author of this article should stop trying to apply nonexistent peer pressure if they are truly looking to find an answer and not serving a religious agenda. There is an issue against this girl because her father is a powerful Christian and she rocks.

  11. Somebody says:

    Well, if everyone apperently hates her, how did her album manage to reach number 1 in 11 countries?

  12. Lololololol says:

    I think half the world loves and half the world “hates” her because they don’t get it. She’s got millions and you don’t. lol

  13. sol says:

    i fell in love with her <3 i have only heard kill kill, blue jeans and video games. but i think she looks so beautiful and she makes me sad and reminds me of my broken heart.

  14. Magda says:

    I think she is great and your post sukcks from all points of view.

  15. Benne says:

    As much as I may think that she looked fine before…it was her choice.
    Being a young women (possibly a little insecure)… she denied having the surgery… Well as young individuals we’ve all made our share of mistakes. Unfortunately for her…there are hundreds of people watching her…and her every mistake. The scrutiny she is under has to be overwhelming. I have to say I was a bit disappointed in her ability to perform live…however with practice she will improve.
    I loved her album, (bought it on Itunes),the SNL thing and surgery not so much.
    I wish her the best…(sorry about the back handed remarks, it is what it is…remember just my opinion) Looking forward to the next album.
    “Nolite te bastardes carborundorum”

  16. Lainy says:

    I think she’s bringing something new to the industry. Her music is chill and voice is good too. So what she got a little work done, so has everyone in hollywood.

  17. I love the how melancholy her music is. Dying battery? You obviously don’t have taste.

  18. Juan says:

    Love her album she is a great artist

  19. Altovise May says:

    Love her or hate her she has a new sound and look. As to pop stars who have had a “little something done”, there’s Cher, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Fergie, Lady Gaga – the list goes on and on. And who has an authentic sound, really? Everybody is influenced by someone. And everyone has their schtick. It’s what gets attention and differentiates them from the herd. I think she’s got a big future. Video Games is one of the coolest songs this year.

  20. DelReyLover says:

    I love Del Rey, I love her voice and her style. So what she switched up her style a bit, she’s grown as a person and an entertainer as all people do. She was beautiful before and beautiful now, she changed her image so what, everyone’s image needs to change over time. If one thing isn’t working, try, try and try again. That’s what Del Rey did and now she’s making it. Now her music reaches more people touches more people, Video Games, Born to Die, Blue Jeans all big hits. All big stars get big criticism. Love her, hate her she’s here and she’s doing her thing all the hatred only gets her name out there more and gets her more recognize. My hats off to Del Rey. I love her more then all those B*&*$es before and I will love her til the end of time!!!!!!

  21. Mel Zee Mel Zee says:

    whoa. people REALLY don’t like anyone shit talking del ray….

  22. Wow someone’s mad. Well actually I haven’t met anyone who hates her, alf of the world hates her? That’s bullsh**. She has something different than all of these new coming pop singers. She has deep lyrics and her videos are always amazing. But the funniest thing is the way you’re saying people hate her cause of her surgery and ’cause she used his dad’s money… Guys seriously. Everybody does surgery, and hers does look good. And she can spend her dad’s money as long as his dad is okay with that. It’s not even your problem. If she didn’t have talent she wouldn’t have become so well-known in less than a year. One of her live performances might have gone kind of wrong but she’s surely going to improve. She’s still gorgeous. >Everybody knows it, it’s a fact kiss kiss.<

  23. Juan Germanotta says:

    I dont hate her. I admit her lips are big but who cares, we all hate a woman who sings like an angel. Then how come we dont hate Nicki Minaj. She has everything FAKE! I choose Lana Del Rey over Nicki Minaj anyday but Gaga is the best.

  24. MIMI says:

    We all love to hate her. She’s someone who transformed herself and became a success (albeit after plastic surgery and tons of autotune/processing). But hey she’s having her 15 minutes and somehow they’ve extended to a full hour. Enjoy the show.

  25. Anna says:

    As a song writer myself I can only say that Lana del Rey is a genius. She is also the most polite pop star I have worked with. Truth is she would have made it anyway so just evil to speculate in it. If you have nothing good to say… don’t as it only says more about you than her.

  26. Maya says:

    What? EVERYONE hates Lana Del Rey, I don’t know where you got that from. Because from all the comments from youtube, A LOT OF PEOPLE SEEM TO LIKE HER A LOT, even proclaiming their love for her. You’re delusional if you keep on saying that THE WHOLE WORLD hates Lana Del Rey, because no that’s not true. So you LDR haters, shut the fuck up and stop being such hipsters and be like “oh man, LDR, oh I h8 her omfg”, this sounds just like hipster runoff. I don’t know why all the websites are saying they hate her just because of her LIP INJECTIONS, like who the fuck cares about that? I fucking love her music and I think she’s gorgeous & I don’t care if it’s just an image she made to be more famous, I love it.

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