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POP Montreal is upon us and is sure to have you booked from now through the first week of October. Pop is one of the many perks to living in Montreal and creates a rush of great acts, fans and visitors right before the cold air starts putting you to sleep early. 

Last year I produced a small collection to show for Fashion Pop's New Designer Contest which introduced me to a lot of talented women including Angie Johnson of Norwegian Wood and Marilis Cardinal - the star organizing the event. This year, for my participation star, I'm one of twelve vintage hunters curating vintage collections at the first ever POP Pop-Up Shop!

Convinently located beside Sparrow on St Laurent, the store, which will remain open through to Sunday September 26th, is being replenished daily and sure to have have something to make your heart jump. Come peruse the selection, say hi to your friends and experience Le Pop-Up Shop for yourself. We can't wait to see you!

Festival tickets will also be available at Le POP UP Shop! Sept 22nd to the 26th 1pm-8pm

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  1. Mish Mish says:

    Go see my pal Geoff in his band Peace. We play in a side project together. He is planning on taking MDMA before he tries to drum. Will be ridiculous.

  2. Cupcakes says:

    Did you milk that poor girl from nyc for all she’s worth yet?

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