Mira / lent.

March 30, 2009, 08:11 | Link | One Comment
I haven't had a bite of chocolate since the 18th of February. Not one. Those who know me would say its impossible and I am actually unhappily proving them wrong.  I ingeniously gave up chocolate for the '40'days of lent trying to control my addiction. It has now been 41days (I started early) and everyday is more painful than the last. I have 12 days left. Please don't hesitate to cheer me or hesitate to buy me chocolate for Easter either!


(a mug on my co-worker's desk, looks like I'm not the only chocoholic in the building)


One Response to “lent.”

  1. Kenza

    go girl! I’ll buy you a big chocolate bunny when you overcome this trying time! xo