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Yeah- I'm totally late. I brought my camera in an effort to document my NY trip. It kind of worked out... Let's just say no trip is great without a signature move--mine? Not recharging my battery. So I basically only got the first two days of the trip documented. We did a lot of eating, shopping, stooping, walking, drinking, Lucien-ing, laughing and not a lot of sleeping. A big thank you to Hana for letting me attempt to spoon her for 4 full nights and Lizzy for letting me invade her living room, we are twins after all!

I had documented Patrick and I's full car internet set up. I won't take ANY credit for what I'm about to describe but I'm proud to have experienced it. Let's just say we managed to hook up wireless internet in the car for the whole drive. The set up involved a serious array of lights and gadgets but it worked. If Hana had been online we could've ichatted the whole way there... beat that! Here is Patrick at breakfast with his girlfriend... I mean blackberry.

We got a little crazy throughout the weekend. I wish we had had some Dip set company:

ps- Jim always looks kinda gross, but he actually looks homeless in this shot. Cam' is still in his fishing gear, crying for my help!

We did a whole lot of stooping. I can't lie, I was eyeing the cupcake shop across Hana's street the whole time. Probably some of the best cupcakes (all 200 of them) I've ever eaten in my whole life!

We ate the world's best hot dogs at Crif Dogs. I tried to find the L.A version of this spot and had a really hard time. Nowhere has been able to top Crif.

This is pretty much where the photos end. The following days were filled with rain, slipping in the middle of the street, seeing this month's favorite Keys N Krates and catching up with old friends. Next trip... Paris? L.A? Berlin? Belgiummm...?

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