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I've never really had celebrity crushes. I don't day dream or swoon over Hollywood singers or celebs, but I do have a massive girl crush/ obsession with Christopher Meloni aka the modern day Fabio. I don't really want to talk about this because I'm still having a hard time with it all but one of my new found lady friend exposed to me a truth I may not be able to live with. Mr. Christopher Meloni, the man who was once my international alpha male crush, the one who has suspensfuly kept me up for years until 2 a.m just to catch a glimpse of his sultry faces thanks to back to back episodes of Law & Order on the Mystery channel, does not love women. Yes it's a fact- according to my source, one of her male friends has gotten rather friendly with him on more than one occasion! I think it hurts more when it's not off Perez but from a real life person... I'll just finish by saying, tribal tattoos should never be ignored. I did it once, and as you can see, it brought me nowhere...

This weekend I will mourn my dreams of romantically being rescued by my Law & Order SVU crush, eat lots of chocolate, watch tv (boycott SVU) and consider new life crushes. Any recommendations?

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