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I really like Lindsay Lohan. I think her whole "Am I gay? Am I straight? Who knows? You guess!" vibe compounded with her diet of Malboro's, pills and Red Bull is pretty entertaining. I also really like that she decided to create her own line of leggings. Leggings! Tragic yet poised, "fashionable" yet fucking-up Ungaro's deisgn label, Lohan is the ultimate tabloid celebrity. I don't know, maybe the reason I like her so much is that she's exactly what I would be if I had her same career path. I get her. What's wrong with getting loser-drunk and making out with a French actor then twittering desperate love messages to your ex-girlfriend? I mean, who hasn't been there? More importantly, I find Lindsay's manicured self-awareness both aggravating and charming. Every once and a while she wins my heart for being such a brazen piece of shit. And today, she's won it again.

Recently Lindsay Lohan went on The Insider revealing that she might be a "celebrity hoarder". After three overly-hyped interview segments hosted by Reno 911's Neicy Nash, we found out that Lohan isn't a real hoarder, but just a normal celebrity who didn't hire an organizer. Fortunately, The Insider got a professional cleaner-upper to revamp Lohan's shit pile of a house. The organizer installed closets, drawers, hat hooks but did not make Lindsay throw away her RUN DMC pillow cases and mirrored headboard (thank fucking Christ). Lohan was supposed to give her extra clothes to charity, but instead she ended up selling them on, a website where "fans" can buy all the clothes that were not good enough for her, but are too good for poor people. Seriously, Princess Piece of Shit.

Lohan recently posed in a white power suit and thorned crown for Purple Magazine. Dina Lohan - who, by the by, has her own shoe line called "Shoe-han" - is convinced that this is NOT a reference to Jesus, it's just "angelic".

And finally, here is the most boring video in the entire god damn universe. It's Lohan, twisting in her knees and laughing while Terry Richardson pictures her naked and takes photos:

Lindsay Lohan by Terry Richardson from Purple Magazine on Vimeo.

Shit yeah girl:

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