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Look at my aura

Tis the season for relationships ending. Tis the season for being aware of your aging parents. What is it about the fall that sets the world in flux? For the last few months, I would say since mid-April, I have had sense that the world might be ending.  I'd been having apocalyptic thoughts in correlation with natural disasters. I'd been tingling with anxiety and excitement in the face of political uprisings in Egypt, Libya and throughout the world. I was cautious and humbled by two of the worst cycles of Mercury being in retrograde that I had ever experienced. Important people in my life and the lives of people close to me got sick, one very important person passed. One very important relationship changed drastically for me three weeks ago.

But other people welcomed new life into the world, began new projects, and some of them even opened up to people they'd been closed to for a long time. Sitting back in New York City after having been away for months, I am surrounded by a calm aura. Somehow, we are all still here. And we're okay. So I am sending out some love to the people around me.  I am also posting a brand new mixtape from my friend LIM at Kinfolk. It's a heartbreak mix at the bottom of the page--lord knows I could use it.

Two weeks ago my friend B took me to have a psychic reading for my birthday. This was the first reading I'd had in 4 years to the date. My first was done here, in New York.  This past one was done in Calgary, my Canadian hometown. Her name was Cecilia and she held my hands and was silent for a long time. Cecilia looked at me and proclaimed, "You will be a mother. You will have two children and they will both be girls." Okay--First of all, I don't want to have any kids. Hello? Psychic? Didn't you know that the dream of motherhood ended when I embraced my intimation of post-neo-3rd-wave feminism yo. No kids, no required domesticity. No reproduction, just pleasure and power. But go on.

"You will encounter medical issues that will greatly change your life. But you will live a long life and die at the age of 86. You will get through the health problems and will learn to be strong." How much is this the last thing you want to hear from a psychic? I guess she sees what she sees. Time to get some American health insurance. Don't tell my mom I don't have any right now.

The next thing Cecilia said to me kind of stopped my breath. She goes, "A person will come into your life with the first initial 'M'. They will change everything and it is your destiny." This is EXACTLY what the psychic said to me 4 years ago. Destiny? I don't know about that. But I will take what I can get today, I'm having an open-minded aura. Two psychics in a row envisioned this person. So, M, if you could hurry up and get here that would be great. Oh, and one more thing, could you bring me some health insurance too?

Lim's Heartbreak Mix by LIM

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6 Responses to “Look At My Aura”

  1. Kayla says:


    Random comment here, I was flipping through the site and saw this, but what was the name of the New York psychic you saw? I’m trying to find a good one to go to here, and I have no idea where to start.


  2. jess bloom says:

    psychic reviews!

  3. Dana Dana says:

    @Kayla I honestly don’t remember her name, it was so long ago. But I know I met with her on 2nd Ave, somewhere between 1st st and 5th st would be my best guess.

  4. Mish Mish says:

    Great post, Dana. Love you.

  5. Dana Dana says:

    love u more

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