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A photo Zyanna sent me recently as a reminder of the first night we met--Summer of 2007

I first met Gordie when I was 15 or so--he was a 905'er, we had friends in common and over the years I would run into him whenever I'd visit Toronto or he'd visit Ottawa. A good part of our early friendship was spent on msn (Canadian for AIM.) Any given day, Gordie would fill me in on his latest golf tournament photo-shoots  and hair dying endeavors (try blond tips, which he'd later grow out--don't front you probably had some at one point.) After a while, we lost contact, it's not until 5 years later that I moved to Montreal to go to University and found Gordie.

One night, I was walking back from work, when my night turned into a reunion. At the time I worked for Montreal's finest hipster party company  and had spent the night denying a slew of  "I'm on the guestlist, I know so and so, I do this and that" boys and girls. Believe it or not but saying "no" over and over again can be a daunting and tiring task, one that would later grant me a the title of "Montreal's Biggest Hater" and later a segment on Hana's radio show by the same name. Yet I still somehow managed to be Montreal's most well paid door girl. Following my shifts, I usually couldn't wait to get home and get on the only list that mattered to me--the vip bed access list. I heard someone yell my name from across the street--Montreal is a small town so any given night you can run into your whole social circle, unwanted acquaintances and the dude who served you food the night before--can someone say incestuous? It was Gordie, minus 200 pounds! I couldn't believe it, he was wasted, and I was just trying to figure out if someone had slipped something in my drink or if this reunion was real. I asked him what he was doing in Montreal and he told me he was still pursing his career as a photographer (shameless plug), I got the scoop on who was dating who in the 905 and he asked if he could snap a picture of our reunion (look above--we both look noticeably tired.) He told me he had left the bar because he was too drunk and couldn't find his girlfriend, he figured she'd migrate over to their apartment once she realized he wasn't there. Minutes later this angry looking lady came stomping down the street, followed by a serious growl "GORRRDIIEEEE!!! WHERE WERE YOU AND WHO IN THE WORLD IS THIS?" Being the gentle lady I am, I introduced myself, after all I was excited to meet the lady that managed to lock Gordie down.  She took one straight look at me as she left my hand hanging, looked back at Gordie and said "HOME!" Gordie mumbled "oh Kenza is an old friend..." He barely had time to finish his sentence that he was being dragged down the block. I had just had my first encouter with Zyanna.

Days later I ran into "Who in the world is this?" and Gordie at a bar. She walked straight up to me and apologized, introduced herself and I fell in love--it was love at first fight. Ziz and I have been friends ever since, in fact, she's probably one of my favorite girlfriends and as for Gordie, he's alright! I've since become a proud aunty to their daughter Mrs. Piggy  and whenever we can, we get silly in the park, eat chips, beers and popsicles. Lesson being first encouters aren't always the best, but remain open, you could be missing out on someone really great--I no longer miss out!

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