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As the love bug buzzes through our brains, so begins the stress and worry that comes with finding the perfect Valentines day outfit. We all seem to have the same habitual tendencies during this time of the year, consisting of last minute trips to the over-crowded mall just to pick up an “OKAY” outfit. Break the habit this year by being just as smart about your Valentines day look as you are about your love life.

On February 1st, 2011 HELLZ launches the limited edition “Cheated Heart” dress worn by Dev herself, which features a sweatheart neckline, and a silhouette that will induce a double take from all who pass by. Complete your look this holiday by grabbing yourself the exclusive “SAC” bag with free shipping that will only last until February 8th. Act fast, because although love may last forever, this HELLZ shop exclusive will not.


Receive free shipping when you purchase the "SAC" bag from February 2nd - February 8th!

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