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About three years ago I heard this band called Makeout Videotape and instantly fell in love. I did not know the boys behind these irresistibly catchy songs, but I did know that they were going to be famous in about ten minutes. Because Vancouver is a small city with a small music scene - just like every major city is actually a small city with a small music scene - I finally met the genius behind Makeout Videotape. His name, Mac de Marco and he was a total creep, so we became fast friends. Mac is the kind of guy who will call your teenage sister and ask her on a date or poop in a plastic bag not because the situation is that dire, but because he thinks it is funny. He's a sexual deviant, a gross, little turd but above all this, he's an incredible musician and song writer who gets better with every coo.

Mac recently released a new solo EP Rock n' Roll Night Club which you can listen to here.

Enjoy more Mac and Makeout Videotape below.

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  1. mistermister says:

    anothr reeson y i somtimes considr runnin away frm my life n moovin to the west. also som random guy once told me he met a junkyhooker who cooked him dinner before she gave him hed. imagine that! get hed, a junkhookup, n dinner! totaly = +++ !!!

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